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Greetings, after a month of fiddling we are finally on the world wide web.

How can you use Bitcoin?

We believe using and spending Bitcoin should be frictionless from a user experience perspective. And this curated list will give guidance to the best places where you can use and spend your precious Bitcoin SV. 

Did you know? – is the only website that lists best-designed apps on Bitcoin SV, right now!

Start exploring our:

We are currently planning to add more collections to our site in the future. We believe the Bitcoin SV ecosystem will multiply with more apps and services shortly. Human expert-curator is needed.

Do you want to see the whole ecosystem with no design filter? Check these out:

How can I submit a app or service?

The submission is disabled on the website for now but will be enabled in the future. Meanwhile, we gladly accept suggestions by emailing us at or contacting us on social media

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When signing up for an app or service, often you are required to create an account. And in order to create an account,…

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UseThatBitcoin lists top-designed apps on Bitcoin SV network. Handpicked by experienced designers and average joe users.